A Journey Of Faith

A Friendship Made

“I’m Diana and I am on my second year as a Pais apprentice in the USA. I have had the privilege to meet so many wonderful students over the past year and a half and I would like to tell you about a friend of mine, Briana.

Briana is a senior in High school. It is a school that as a Pais team we have been going into every two weeks. We go to spend our lunchtime there, to get to know the students, be a good role model and help in any way we can. I met Briana whilst on my first year with Pais.

Initially we met randomly and not every time we went into the school but as we began to get to know one another I discovered she was a really open and honest person. We talked about many things with faith in God being one of them. Briana told me that she “kinda believed in God” but in the past she had been hurt by the church and people who claimed to be Christians.

For a long time I prayed for her but never invited her to church. We talked at school and I tried to help her in her own journey of faith.

A Decision Thought Through

After the summer holidays in 2011 I invited Briana to the ‘Fall kick off party’ that our church youth group were holding. I picked her up as she couldn’t get a lift there and we hung out together during the whole event. A message was given about having a faith in Jesus and afterwards Briana told me that she had been really touched and challenged by what had been said but that she wanted some time to think it over alone.

A Journey Of Faith Begun

Over the next weeks Briana started to come to our church and youth group and really loved it. After taking the time that she needed to think about things she made a commitment to follow Jesus. A friend and I continued to help her with the next steps of this new faith and within two weeks Briana was baptised alongside others from our church.

Briana loves God and is really excited about the relationship with Jesus that she has. She is sharing her story with her friends and family and really loves the ‘new life’ she has with God.”


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