A Kingdom Call


Have you ever wondered if God is using you in the most significant way possible? We asked ourselves this question several years ago as God stirred our hearts to return to the mission field. We began looking at opportunities to go to the Middle East and Africa thinking surely God would want us there, but each time we began to pursue an opportunity to go, God gently told us no. Why? God was about to take us on a journey to show us His thoughts are not our thoughts, neither are our ways His ways (Isaiah 55:8).


We thought we were supposed to GO but God’s plan was for us to SEND. At that time in 2009, Paul Gibbs was working full time as a youth pastor to provide for his family and running the global ministry of Pais in addition to his paying job. After spending some time with Paul, God solidified in our hearts the most strategic thing we could do to advance His Kingdom was to release Paul and Lynn to focus full time on running Pais and training the 200+ missionaries who were a part of the organization.


We committed to paying their salary for a year. The only problem was, thirty days after making the commitment to them, my salary dropped over 90%. Now what, I wasn’t even making enough to provide for our family, let alone theirs. Apparently this was also part of God’s plan to see if we really trusted Him and His call on us to send. For the next eleven months we watched God do miraculous things every month to not only provide for us, but also for the Gibbs. God was steadfast in His promise to provide as we trusted Him in faith.

Now God has allowed us to join the global team of Pais and rather than just going to one area of the world, we currently have an impact on five different continents and are watching God expand Pais in amazing ways. Perhaps God is prompting some of you to step into the role of sender. It is a Kingdom call for Kingdom minded people. If you are contemplating where your contributions will have the greatest Kingdom impact, we would ask you to consider Pais. We believe the work God has given us to do is so significant that despite only being able to pay a salary to three of the eight members of our global team, we are pressing on to provide the nations with the resources and training they need to most effectively reach the young people of the world. We hope you will join us!


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