A Pais Program For My School

Observing The Team

Mr. Robert Siaw Ntiamoah is the new head teacher of Saviour Presby School in Accra, Ghana. When he heard about Pais and that they were frequently coming in to his school to visit the students and deliver ministry in their worship time he wanted to see what impact this group were making in his school.

In a former school he had experienced another group of people delivering God’s word to his students but he had found that the work they were doing didn’t benefit the students and so had decided that they should stop.

Thankfully, Mr. Ntiamoah saw our work and liked what he saw! In his words; “The way you talk to the children and the way you communicate with them; whatever you have been doing here I have been watching. I hear the message that you are giving to the children and the children are also giving testimonies about what you are teaching them. They are enjoying your program and this is why I want you to come here.

If the children were not benefiting from what you are teaching then I would not entertain you here but you are giving them food for thought and when they leave here they will live it. The message you are giving my children is worthy and they are getting a lot from it.”

Developing A Plan

Mr. Ntiamoah has been really encouraged by what Pais have brought to his school and he is passionate for Pais to continue their work in the school. He is currently working with his teachers to devise a schedule which suits both the school and Pais so that the team can visit the students as often as possible. This is the value he places on the teachings brought by Pais.

He says, “When you come here, you come with the word of God to teach my children. Please continue to come here. We want to draw up a program to suit you and the school so that you can visit the school as often as possible to give them the message. I am happy and you are very good. Pais coming here is to my satisfaction and I appreciate that. Please continue with your good work and may God bless you and may you go from strength to strength.

When a message from God is coming to my children and teaching them the right way to live I like that. I wholeheartedly welcome you to my school.”

Teaching The Children The Way Of The Lord

It is a privilege for us to have such a great relationship with the students and the head teacher in this school and we do not take the honour lightly. We endeavour to continue teaching these children about God’s ways and educating them in the right way to live their lives.


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