A Teenager With A Passion

Any Young Person

Ben, in many ways is a typical British 14 year old teenager. He loves football and is a big supporter of Liverpool FC. He plays the guitar and he goes to high school. He isn’t particularly loud or extrovert but is known for being the one who welcomes people and connects with everybody in a group situation.

With A Knowledge Of What They Can Achieve

What makes Ben different from many of his peers is the mission heartbeat that is in him, and indeed his whole family. Ben’s dad, Tom was a Pais apprentice 12 years ago and his Aunty Hettie currently leads a team in Burnley, North West England. Ben has always been surrounded by people who love God, want to make a difference to the people in their communities… and who know they can.

Ben isn’t a Pais apprentice himself, he’s too young! But he understands fundamentally that he can make a difference in his community, in his school and with his friends.

Will Make A Difference

After attending a Pais: GB M4 weekender last year Ben was encouraged to start some initiatives in his High School. Dan Randall, a third year Pais apprentice who currently is the East Lancashire hub leader has been coaching and helping him in his journey and already Ben can see the fruit of his labour.

Over the past few months Ben has set up a simple but effective scheme called ‘Text a prayer’ which is as it says! Having been encouraged by this he is now currently in the process of setting up a Christian Union in his school. He may be receiving help and resources from Pais but still, this is amazing for a 14 year old boy from the North of England.


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