A Whole Family Finds A Spiritual Home

It Started With Michael

Michael is a student at the local middle school in Bradenton, USA. Over a normal lunchtime one day he started a conversation with Pais apprentice Arno who was sat at the same table.

Arno invited Michael to the church youth group called Overflo and then thought no more about it as he invites a lot of young people on a daily basis and his usual experience is that the positive response rate is small!

That very evening however, Michael turned up to the youth group and he really enjoyed himself!

Michael Invited His Siblings

The very next week Michael came again to the youth group and this time he brought with him his brother and sister. They too loved it and since this time they have become an inherent part of the youth group. Michael’s brother is even now a leader within the group.

And Now The Whole Family Attends Church

Just a few weeks after the initial lunch time meeting, Arno was amazed to see the whole family in a church service. They had been looking for a church to attend but hadn’t found one until Michael had become a part of the youth group and caused the parents to look into the church.

The whole family now regularly worships in the church and Arno has learnt something very valuable: That Jesus can use ANY conversation to do something for his kingdom. Every time we talk with somebody we have the possibility to turn his or her life around without us even realizing it!


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