A New Approach Brings New Results

Stepping Up

Adrienne is currently working as a hub leader for the Arlington Texas teams. This has been a real step up in responsibility for her. Having previously lead an individual team in San Antonio, Adrienne had indicated a desire for more responsibility. We were ready to begin developing and expanding the operation in Arlington and she was chosen to head up the hub. Adrienne has since been on a big learning curve. The responsibility of a Pais Hub leader requires you focus on three main areas; recruitment, finances and implementing the vision and this demands the leader retrain themselves to understanding the bigger picture.

The Skills

As a team leader in San Antonio Adrienne was solely responsible for a team of 3-4 team members and the students the team was reaching out to. As a hub leader her ambition has been dramatically increased. A hub is a geographical area where ideally 5 teams are working together in a similar number of churches. Alongside her work in her church this all does require her to be organized, a good communicator, able to motivate others and have a grasp of where things are heading then clearly share that with others.

Moving Forward

Adrienne’s personal growth since starting as an apprentice has been substantial. she has, at each step of the way been trained and mentored to be effective in her role and the demands it brings. As Adrienne works to expand the hub she will lean more on others who can handle the day to day running of the teams so that she can get out and spread the word, network across the city, seek to promote the vision, raise up new recruits and seek out new funding sources. As Adrienne has demonstrated competency in what she’s responsible for, we have increased her responsibilities thus continually offering new opportunities and challenges for her to step into and grow.


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