New Friendship; New Perspective


I Lydia (Team Leader in San Antonio) got to know Allie during my first year on Pais, so about 2 years ago. She had started to come to church with her sister and mum but they would just come, sit in the back and then leave straight afterwards. Gradually I started getting to know Allie and talking to her and she eventually opened up and talked about family life and the things she struggles with. She became a Christian a few months later and was baptized last year.


For the past year I have been meeting up with her and mentoring her. Each week we go through a Bible passage and discuss her life and how the passage relates to her. The passage will be focused on something that she’s either experiencing or can put into practice in her life. We have also talked about leadership and how to lead other girls whilst she herself is still growing and learning. Already Allie has shown herself to be a leader as she has lead a girls’ group which deals with restoration and letting go of the past.


Allie also comes from a non-Christian family and so a large part of the mentoring has been focused on being a missionary to her family and how to deal with a broken family situation with persistence and love at the centre. Since starting to mentor her she has become more involved in church and wanting to reach her friends for Christ.


The best part of mentoring Allie is seeing her confidence grow in her faith, and the change that’s happening as she turns away from her old life and becomes more like Jesus. There are ups and downs as she steps out in faith, but it is a blessing for me to be able to help her and for our relationship to have grown in the last few years.


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