Anne’s Story

Discovering how the distinctives work

Hi, my name is Anne and I’m from Germany. Currently I am actually living in St. Louis Missouri, USA. I am working with the Pais Collective helping in the church of my pastor Kevin Pimblott who began this church a year ago. The church is called Saints Church, St. Louis.

The Pais Collective is all about establishing churches based on the 3 Pais distinctives – Mission, Discipleship and Study. Explaining this briefly it means that as a church we want to be missional to our communities, disciple people and study the bible together.

I have only been here for 2 months so far but I am really excited. I have already learned so much. Every day we have ‘Haverim’ which is bible study together with friends and for me that is my wonderful team.

This has helped me immensely. Spending time concentrating on the bible, learning more about the character of God and then actually applying what we have learnt into our daily life has been a transformation in my life.

Learning to be ‘Intentional’

However, the best experience I have had so far concerns living in ‘Kavanah’. This means living with the intention that God is always present. Sure, in many ways this isn’t a new concept and I already had the knowledge that God is everywhere and in control of every situation… but I have to say that I had never really applied this knowledge to my every day life until I met Pastor Kevin and his son Jonny (who is also my team leader).

They have actively encouraged me to be more intentional about the people that I meet every day and to see each situation as a God given opportunity to be Jesus to people. Whether this be the person stood in front of me at the cash register in the supermarket or the neighbor a few houses apart from you that I have never spoken to…

Church and Community

Jesus was all about meeting people. He went to those who needed him and didn’t spend all his time with those who were already following him. So I ask the question based on my experience; why are so many churches focused on their Sunday morning gatherings? What about the rest of the week? The church I am a part of now is all about community and I find this awesome.

We do most of our preparations and bible studies in public places like coffee shops. Just to be present to people and really being a part of the community we are living in. I really love the thought of investing into the people I am living with. I love to meet people, become friends and be Jesus to them.

I’m already very excited about being able to share all the experiences and all the good stuff that I’ve learned and still will be learning, with the people back home in Germany. But for now I’m just so grateful to be here. I am thankful that I can help this church to develop.

So crazy! I actually came here to help and bless other people but I’m still getting more back than I have expected!


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