Anyone Can Make A Difference

Making A Start

Hettie is 20 years old and currently leads a Pais schools team in Burnley, North West of England. Her influence didn’t start when she joined Pais though, it started over 3 years ago whilst still at school. At the age of 17 Hettie became someone who lived a different story in her school; a story of generosity and hope and love. Hettie decided she wanted to make a real difference to her friends in school so she started a number of projects to do this. She initiated kindness projects, she lead assemblies and she bought bibles for the entire sixth form!

Passing It On

For Hettie the story doesn’t end with her. Her goal is to train, inspire and motivate others to step up and make a difference in their school and in their world.
So far, just because of this one lady, there is a group of pupils at a school in Accrington, a young man in Rossendale, and 6th form students in Burnley who have all been inspired, trained and mentored to really make a difference in their world. Hettie has a passion to pass on what she has learnt to others so they too can be all that God wants them to be.

Making A Difference

In Hettie’s words; “When I was in School, no one told me that I could change my community for God or that I could make a difference in my world. I discovered though that anyone can make a difference, I learnt this at Sixth Form. Young people need to know that they can change their School. This is why I make missionaries.”


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