Armstrong and Christine’s Story

My Story

Christine and I have the desire to reach out to the youth and transform their lives for Christ. I have been a missionary for the past eleven years, working in churches and schools with the youth and children of Kenya. For the past three years my wife and I have been training youth and children workers; helping ministries repurpose their vision. Early in 2013 I saw that Pais was looking for opportunities to launch into new countries. That was the perfect chance for us to do ministry on a wider scale because Christine and I had been lacking resources and good training. For the next academic year we are based in Arlington, TX, to be trained and mentored. We will be equipped to launch Pais in Kenya in September 2014.

Our Story

Pais Project has done youth and schools ministry for more than 21 years. That means 21 years of experience in training people in our three distinctive approaches to study, mission and discipleship. In this time over 2,000 youth workers have been trained and equipped. They learn how to help young people live out their faith and lead a missionary lifestyle. They are discovering how to bring students on a discipleship journey that gives them opportunity to experience God in real and powerful ways. They also learn about the Pais distinctive approach to study and how this will enable our youth to discover God’s heart and purpose for their life. By using Haverim Devotions TM young people can share their understanding of God’s love with their friends.

Your Story

We believe that our story can be your story too. Do you love to be part of the life of young people and help to transform their life – but find that you lack the resources and training? Do you want to see your ministry work on a wider scale?
Pais offers you training opportunities and resources to change lives. Pais gives you the opportunity to serve the youths in schools, church and the local community.

You can also be part of the story of Pais Kenya – as an apprentice, as a team leader and as a supporter through prayer and finance. Pais can provide you resources and training so that you can think bigger.


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