Max Lucado Endorses Pais

Now we have this new plan, that uses campuses but is not dependent upon them. Pais is absolutely essential, as it is helping us accelerate this desire to touch young people all over the city! I believe in your vision and have found you to be very true to the teachings of christ.

Emmanuel’s Story

My Story I was a Senior High School graduate waiting for my results when I heard about Pais Project. After researching the organization I was intrigued and excited to find the various opportunities the apprenticeship provides. From going into schools and sharing the Christian faith to the possibility of sharpening my existing skills. So as […]

Mark Ritchie’s Story

The Pais Apprentices are really hungry and desperate to see God move in this Nation. Im privileged to speak to them about stepping up and standing in the full height of what God has made them to be. They really want to be the generation that says no the thief, that comes to steal, kill […]

Learning To Be A Leader

As senior co-ordinator of the scripture union in my school, it is great to see how the Pais team engages with the students and keep them focused. They put a lot of effort into their talks and activities and are a big help to us as students. They also give us guidance as to how we could hopefully lead the SU like they do. They are a great influence and it is a pleasure to work with them.


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