Steve’s Story

Since leaving Pais 3 years ago I’m now a teacher in England and I found that the school I work at was able to recognize the experience I had on Pais and they gave me a higher starting position than those who came straight out of University.

Talmidim – Livewire

The Four Ancient Quadrants of Discipleship We have taken on board almost everything Jesus asked us to do, apart perhaps, from discipleship. This breakthrough series challenges the process of providing people with an education and hoping they have an experience. It also provides a practical template for creating your own discipleship ‘Flow’. Watch the Livewire […]

More Than We Imagined

The experience really matured our daughter in ways that, left in our hands, would have never occurred. This helped her in character and independence as well as giving her confidence in public speaking. The impact of this has been to help her in life during college and beyond!

Nanayaa’s Story

If I lo at the world as it is today with all the challenges it holds, especially for the young people I am grateful to God that my granddaughter hasn’t involved herself in the negative worldly things but has instead given her life to the hands of God and his direction!


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