Ben Blackledge’s Story

In 1999 Tom Blackledge joined Pais as a team member in Burnley. He was based in the church that he had grown up in since he was a teenager. Tom had been married for a few years and he and his wife had a two year old son called Ben. Tom would say that his year on Pais helped shape and define him as a individual and enrich his walk with God.

Sixteen years later his son, Ben has also become a Pais apprentice. He has joined the media department of the Pais England central team. Over the past five years Ben has been discipled and trained by Pais apprentices and leaders in the very same church that his Father was based at. Ben has learnt how to lead and disciple others, help them discover God’s heart through His Word and inspire them to live on a mission for God.

We believe that Ben is the first of many second generation Pais apprentices that will be raised up. Tom is not only a missionary making missionaries in his generation but also through his generation.


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