Beyond The Four Walls In Brasil!

There is a spur digging ever deeper into the church´s side. In the past century or so “para-church” is rapidly becoming the new “church”. Organizations (“which do it better”) have mushroomed in every facet of church life: financial resources, human resources, outreach, social aide…. All come with the intentions of helping the church realize its Lord-given potential. One of the unfortunate zingers, however, is that people increasingly lose faith in “good old church”. Oh, of course, no one will say that directly, but it´s almost an inevitable migration in our “I control my community – Facebook” generation.
How refreshing it is, however, to work with PAIS, an outreach organization that seems to get this! PAIS does not function without “good old church”. Yes it prods her as well: it helps us get beyond our 4-wall mentality, but its structure of funneling all through the local church seems to gently coax her to higher ground without bloodying her flanks.


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