A Lawyer In Africa

How It Started

After graduating from Law School in Mexico I decided I wanted to take some time out to serve God and get to know him better so I started looking on the internet for an opportunity to be a volunteer. I found thousands of different options and one of them was the Pais Project. When I read about their vision I knew it was the perfect place for me. I joined Pais USA and got to work in the schools of Texas. One of the things I particularly enjoyed the most was being able to relate to some of the Hispanic students.

How It Finished

Once my Pais year was over, I thought it was time for me to go back to Mexico and start a “real job”. After all, I had a law degree and my dad is also a lawyer, it’s what we do! That year was part of my wilderness. One side of me wanted to make money and the other side wanted to follow God’s voice. For so many years I had desired to go to Africa but because my parents were originally against it, I never tried to follow my dream. It just seemed impossible and everybody else knew it.

How It Started Again

It was at Thanksgiving when, during a meeting I talked with Pais Founder; Paul Gibbs and he told me about the Pais team in Ghana and all the amazing things they were doing. During the following weeks God kept reminding me of that conversation and I knew He wanted me to join them. I tried to give Him thousands of reasons why it wasn’t the right thing for me but He continued to encourage me in this direction. In the end I just said: “Fine, if you convince my parents to let me go, give me $2,500 for my plane ticket, and open all the doors needed, I’ll go”.

What I Am Learning About Myself

God confirmed his word. My parents agreed, the money was there and Pais accepted me to join them in Ghana.
Mexicans usually don’t travel to Africa so people were shocked about my one year commitment. Somehow I was afraid because I didn’t know what to expect.  It was a big surprise to see how nice the people are and how open they are to the gospel. I didn’t know how materialistic I was until I got here. Then I realized that God is all you need! You can actually survive without a car, starbucks and internet!
Being on Pais Ghana has been the best experience I’ve ever had. I’ve been able to learn how to pray more, to depend on Him no matter the situation, to never lose faith, to have a heart for service, and the list can go on.
Seeing lives transformed by God all the time, made me stay for one more year as I love to be part of a movement that is transforming this generation for Christ!”


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