Growth in Ghana

It started with a Young Woman from Accra The true beginning of Pais in Africa was when a young woman from Ghana named Mawunyo journeyed thousands of miles to the UK in order to train with Pais. After second year training in a Pais Hub in the USA, she returned to plant the movement in […]

The Off Duty Apprentice

In Every Season It may surprise you to know that being a Pais apprentice is not a clocking on / clocking off job! It is true that on Pais there may be a lot of formal ministry with conducting lessons, assemblies or leading devotions. God, however, has truly called us all to be servants wherever […]

A Lawyer In Africa

How It Started After graduating from Law School in Mexico I decided I wanted to take some time out to serve God and get to know him better so I started loing on the internet for an opportunity to be a volunteer. I found thousands of different options and one of them was the Pais […]

Cherie’s Story

When the orphans asked me questions about the Bible, sometimes I could not answer them. That made me feel that I needed a greater knowledge of the Bible. When I heard about Saints Church and their partnership with Pais, I wanted to be part of it! I needed to learn about the Discipleship and […]


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