Vanessa’s Story

For most of my life I have been searching for what would make me happy, what would bring me success and security. In the last year, I have realized that nothing will really complete me if I am not putting the Kingdom of God first, it is all that really matters. I believe that through […]

Kevin’s Story

Because of a great passion for change, growth and the Kingdom Kevin now serves as Senior Leader and Pais Collective Director. More than just a church leader, Kevin is a pioneer for the gospel. Believing that the message of Jesus is to be d with all, in not just words but loving actions as well!

Terry Robert’s Story

He has been helping us here at the church, giving us a very unique perspective because he has been on staff on several churches larger than ours. He had an objective view and sometimes you need an outside pair of eyes. He had a great respect for the church and the leadership team. He offered […]

The Cloud and the Line

The questions that are investigated uncover the heart of God. Ultimately I would recommend this bo to anyone who desires to see day-to-day questions we ask through God’s eyes rather than our own and strives to be an instrument for the Kingdom of God. Overall, it was an amazing bo and I would encourage you to take the time to read it.

Jonny’s Story

I believe we are to see all of life as ministry and an opportunity to and worship Christ with those who are around us. Missionaries are who we are, and we carry the very life within us that satisfies every thirst in the world around us. My passion is to see the church life […]

Cherie’s Story

When the orphans asked me questions about the Bible, sometimes I could not answer them. That made me feel that I needed a greater knowledge of the Bible. When I heard about Saints Church and their partnership with Pais, I wanted to be part of it! I needed to learn about the Discipleship and […]


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