From Ireland with Love

A Young Heart for Mission Growing up in a Christian family in Northern Ireland I can remember committing my life to Jesus at a very young age sitting beside my bed as my father lead me in the believer’s prayer and since then I have tried to follow Him. There have been a number of […]

Mirjam’s Story

From Germany to England I am originally from Germany but my journey with Pais began when I joined Pais: GB in 2010. I d getting to know so many new people: the students in schools, the children and teenagers at church, the church family, the hosts and all the other great Pais Apprentices. I […]

Beginnings of Pais:Brasil

Pais Brasil was launched in January 2012 and we will be bringing many great stories of what God is doing in this nation. Watch this video blog from Pais Founding Director Paul Gibbs. It shows how preparation was made when he visited Natal in July 2011.

Beyond The Four Walls In Brasil!

There is a spur ing ever deeper into the church´s side. In the past century or so “para-church” is rapidly becoming the new “church”. Organizations (“which do it better”) have mushroomed in every facet of church life: financial resources, human resources, outreach, social aide…. All come with the intentions of helping the church realize its […]


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