How earning less has given me more.

My name is Joel Gibbs and I am the Partnership Development Director for the Pais Movement. Since leaving school my goal was always to make lots of money and live a comfortable life. I began as a hire-on with a leather company and within 8 months was offered a position to manage my own store. […]

How Pais has helped me to help others!

My Story: When I joined Pais, I wanted to experience a year focused on the growth and development of others but had no idea how much I, personally, would grow and develop in my own faith. Shortly after accepting Jesus, I became passionate about reaching out to students in my school. I was very involved […]

How waiting triggers the unexpected!

I’m Becca and this is now my fourth year on Pais. It’s been quite a journey but when I first became a Christian I asked God for an adventure and that’s exactly what he’s taken me on. When I joined Pais I was a naive 19-year-old who wanted to put Jesus first. Little did I […]


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