More Than We Imagined

The experience really matured our daughter in ways that, left in our hands, would have never occurred. This helped her in character and independence as well as giving her confidence in public speaking. The impact of this has been to help her in life during college and beyond!

Nanayaa’s Story

If I lo at the world as it is today with all the challenges it holds, especially for the young people I am grateful to God that my granddaughter hasn’t involved herself in the negative worldly things but has instead given her life to the hands of God and his direction!

A Son Who Made Us Proud

Our Bright Boy This is Dave’s story about his son in whom he is very proud … Pete was born and raised in an family consisting of with myself, his brother, his sister and his mum, Sharon. We were all part of a church that was committed to children’s and youth work and we had […]

So Clear Yet So Far!

A View From A Parent Having children is probably the most precious gift a parent would say the Lord has ever given. The hopes and dreams we have for them start from the moment they are born and never end. As we see them grow and discover what their gifts are we look to the [...]

A Grandmothers Story

My Granddaughter Loves And Follows God “I was so surprised when I first heard that my Granddaughter, Annette was going to involve herself into missionary work and join the Pais Project. I was at the same time very happy and encouraged to realise it means she knows God to the extent that she can follow […]


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