Max Lucado Endorses Pais

Now we have this new plan, that uses campuses but is not dependent upon them. Pais is absolutely essential, as it is helping us accelerate this desire to touch young people all over the city! I believe in your vision and have found you to be very true to the teachings of christ.

Mark Ritchie’s Story

The Pais Apprentices are really hungry and desperate to see God move in this Nation. Im privileged to speak to them about stepping up and standing in the full height of what God has made them to be. They really want to be the generation that says no the thief, that comes to steal, kill […]

A Unique Vision & A Unique Approach

Presence In 2008, a mega church in San Antonio to a bold step in a new direction, to begin the journey of seeing the presence of Christ in every community in San Antonio. The vision would mean that the 10,000 plus people attending services each week would not be viewed as the bench mark for […]

Beginnings of Pais:Brasil

Pais Brasil was launched in January 2012 and we will be bringing many great stories of what God is doing in this nation. Watch this video blog from Pais Founding Director Paul Gibbs. It shows how preparation was made when he visited Natal in July 2011.

Beyond The Four Walls In Brasil!

There is a spur ing ever deeper into the church´s side. In the past century or so “para-church” is rapidly becoming the new “church”. Organizations (“which do it better”) have mushroomed in every facet of church life: financial resources, human resources, outreach, social aide…. All come with the intentions of helping the church realize its […]


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