Talmidim – Livewire

The Four Ancient Quadrants of Discipleship We have taken on board almost everything Jesus asked us to do, apart perhaps, from discipleship. This breakthrough series challenges the process of providing people with an education and hoping they have an experience. It also provides a practical template for creating your own discipleship ‘Flow’. Watch the Livewire […]

The Cloud and the Line

The questions that are investigated uncover the heart of God. Ultimately I would recommend this bo to anyone who desires to see day-to-day questions we ask through God’s eyes rather than our own and strives to be an instrument for the Kingdom of God. Overall, it was an amazing bo and I would encourage you to take the time to read it.

The Line And The Dot

Overview Why is it that so many have dreams yet so few see them realized? Could it be they don’t understand the process? Through his story of how the Pais Project went from a humble idea to a worldwide movement, author, speaker and pioneer, Paul Gibbs equips readers to navigate the four stages of pioneering […]


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