Learning To Be A Leader

As senior co-ordinator of the scripture union in my school, it is great to see how the Pais team engages with the students and keep them focused. They put a lot of effort into their talks and activities and are a big help to us as students. They also give us guidance as to how we could hopefully lead the SU like they do. They are a great influence and it is a pleasure to work with them.

A Whole Family Finds A Spiritual Home

It Started With Michael Michael is a student at the local middle school in Bradenton, USA. Over a normal lunchtime one day he started a conversation with Pais apprentice Arno who was sat at the same table. Arno invited Michael to the church youth group called Overflo and then thought no about it as […]

A Teenager With A Passion

Any Young Person Ben, in many ways is a typical British 14 year old teenager. He s football and is a big supporter of Liverpool FC. He plays the guitar and he goes to high school. He isn’t particularly loud or extrovert but is known for being the one who welcomes people and connects with […]


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