A Son Who Made Us Proud

Our Bright Boy

This is Dave’s story about his son in whom he is very proud …

Pete was born and raised in an family consisting of with myself, his brother, his sister and his mum, Sharon. We were all part of a church that was committed to children’s and youth work and we had a good programme of provision and support for those involved in it’s delivery. Yet I don’t think we had any idea really what Pete would end up doing when he reached adulthood.

Pete was a bright boy, very caring and had a very good memory for facts and figures. He loved soccer, Liverpool FC of course, and was a thinker and very good with words. Pete went to a very small school where he had great academic achievement but was also noted for having a very caring attitude. At school and subsequently in college Pete’s creative writing and skills with words became more pronounced.

He Left Us

We knew very little about the Pais Project before Pete expressed interest. We had heard Paul Gibbs, its Founding Director, speak at a church event and ask for support and volunteers. It was something that caught Pete’s imagination. Whilst we hadn’t really tried to steer Pete into a career path, entering a year long voluntary project in youth and schools work probably wasn’t on our radar!

We thought at first it would be for just the year as with many others but once it was clear that this was what he wanted to do long-term then we were supportive. Our prayer life suddenly increased when we dropped him off, with his belongings at his base church in Burnley UK. He was in a church which seemed small and poor and staying with a host family who didn’t seem to know what they were letting themselves in for. This was the first time our son had lived away from home and we were initially anxious for him.

Whatever our initial thoughts were to Pete’s placement it very soon became clear that Pete loved what he was doing and was thriving in it. He had a wonderful team and good support from a number of churches and families. He was doing what he was meant to be doing and we were more than happy to support him. The most memorable aspect of that first year for us showed itself at the end of year celebration. All the Pais apprentices were very enthusiastic, very positive, incredibly creative and they all had wonderful stories as to what God had done during their placements and how they had matured.

But He Has Made Us Very Proud

We probably weren’t surprised when Pete was asked to stay on as team leader and he had the desire to do so. It had clearly been a very good year for him and he seemed to have found his niche with the Pais apprentices who were all such a positive ‘can do’ group.

We have seen Pete grow into a strong leader in the organisation and a very confident man. It’s hard to imagine him doing anything different. Over my years in church I have heard some good speakers and teachers of God’s word and I have to say that my son is up with the best! He has responsibilities in a large and complex youth organisation and does it very effectively. Most of all though, Pete is a genuine people person and still a very caring man.

We are very proud of Pete, his wife Bryony and their two girls. We are proud of them not just for what they do but for who they are and how they express who they are every moment they are awake.

I Recommend Pais To Any Parent

Over the years I have seen Pais as a wonderful organization that gives those who join the movement an amazing life changing opportunity. It invites them to join an ever growing loving supportive family and seeks to help them discover who they are in God, and live it. “


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