Emmanuel’s Story

My Story

I was a Senior High School graduate waiting for my results when I heard about Pais Project. After researching the organization I was intrigued and excited to find the various opportunities the apprenticeship provides. From going into schools and sharing the Christian faith to the possibility of sharpening my existing skills.

So as a dancer, I decided to use my gifting to reach the students of my nation. I joined Pais Project still young in my understanding of how He discipled people but who with a heart and a willingness to learn.

My Development

Eventually I grew through Pais and gained many new skills. I was asked to lead a team and put on Pais’ excellent THR33 leadership track. Not wanting to fail, I made sure that my team’s spiritual life was a high priority and we threw ourselves into Pais HD everyday. Pais HD is a unique approach to Bible Study and helps me in my life and leadership. The THR33 videos and the Pais books also helped me develop my gifts. The key to the success I have experienced has been to embrace all the input I get with seriousness and commitment. I am finding that God is now giving me a great opportunity to really effect the lives around me, in the schools, and in my church

My Surprise

It has surprised me to see just what God can do in and through me. I was not a Bible Scholar or a famous communicator and yet as I take every step in doing the work passionately, it has motivated others to do something for God. It is amazing to see how God can use me to bring a lot of souls into an understanding and experience of the Kingdom of God. Coming onto Pais is one of the greatest things that have happened in my life. Pais has transformed my thinking, shaped me, and developed me greatly. I’m proud to be part of Pais Project.


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