Experiencing the Pais legacy

From Pais to Pastor

My name is Adam Islip and I am currently the Executive Pastor at Kings Church, Bolton, UK. I was a part of Pais between 1997 – 2003. Initially starting as a Pais apprentice I then moved on to serve as the Assistant Director of Pais: GB. When I joined in 1997 there were only 30 people in total, solely based in the UK, but over the 6 years I was with Pais it grew quickly both in strength and numbers. It has been such a privilege to see the Pais Project continue to grow over the past decade and now reach young people all over the world!

From School to local Church

I was originally placed into a church in Bolton and one of the first young people that became a Christian was linked in from the local high school. She came through one of our clubs in the school and brought along her younger brother to the weekly youth club we ran at the church. That decision would go on to completely change her life. After a few weeks she started to take on responsibility at the club and we were able to download some of the great teaching we were receiving on Pais to help her grow, and other young people like her.

Today, almost 15 years on, she is still a thriving part of the local church where I pastor and married to a guy that also became a Christian through meeting Pais workers in his school. They serve on our youth teams and also have two incredible children who are now living in the legacy of their faith journey. It’s been an amazing thing to see the impact of Pais into other generations. It really has been missionaries making missionaries!

Why would I recommend Pais to churches?

Simply, because Pais works. This is not an organization that just wants to fill people with head knowledge or stuffy theology. Churches who really want to reach out to their local community are provided with individuals who are highly motivated, well trained and strategically placed to help disciple young people to become all they can be in Christ.
My time on Pais was foundational for my future and taught me principles that have helped me in my leadership, communication and ultimately my walk with God. As a church leader, I still draw on the huge wealth of experience gained on Pais and can still apply today lessons that I learnt all those years ago.

If you are looking for an organization that will equip with invaluable tools for ministry and help pull the potential out of you – look no further. I had no idea just how impacting that step would be in my life!


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