Growth in Ghana

It started with a Young Woman from Accra

The true beginning of Pais in Africa was when a young woman from Ghana named Mawunyo journeyed thousands of miles to the UK in order to train with Pais. After second year training in a Pais Hub in the USA, she returned to plant the movement in her home nation. Since its birth in 2008 there has been considerable growth and God is working in wonderful and miraculous ways. With this rapid growth has come a rise in missionaries from various nations.

It led to Many Nations Uniting for Africa

There are now Pais Apprentices in schools throughout Ghana from a whole host of nations… US, Germany, UK, Mexico, Togo. Malawi and of course Ghana itself.

A number of schools have opened up more to the Pais teams as trust is built through relationships. One of our German Pais workers, Rapha, says; “Originally we were only allowed to go into the schools for morning worship and then we had to leave. However we have built up great relationships with some of the teachers and are now allowed to stay all day! We have had invitations to lead worship and to be a part of the Basketball and Football Clubs, we have even received an invitation to join a mission trip with the students…
One Pais team in Ghana saw a great opportunity which they fervently grasped. They realised that the church they are based in is directly en route for the students going to school so they started morning devotions and invited the students to come along. Only three students attended the first week but after only three weeks they had over 25 students in their morning devotions and it has continued to grow ever since.

More Missionaries = More Young People

Pais Ghana is really starting to see multiplication. As the number of Pais teams in the nation grow, more schools can be reached and ultimately many more young people. Team leader, Jessica from the US is very excited by what is happening; “We have been into over 30 plus schools, this means ministering to over 900 plus students in Scripture Unions, lessons and also assemblies.” She goes on to add “We have seen youth groups that are now 70 plus which have started from zero!

More Missionaries = More of God’s Protection

It is also great to know that God is looking after the team members and their families. Evelyn, from Ghana recently had news that her father had suffered a stroke. She took the news to the team and together they prayed and brought this dear man before the Lord. That very same evening Evelyn contacted home and was delighted and grateful to hear that her father had been completely healed! We know our heavenly Father isn’t interested in people as numbers but He cares for all our needs as individuals.

Mawunyo’s original journey launched that of many others. Her faith and determination means that she now leads a thriving Pais nation. Faith activates God and Mawunyo’s trust in him has speed to many of her leaders and apprentices. For instance, as our US team member Jessica says; “I am just in awe because this is the God we serve and these are the things he does when we pray. He answers prayer and we are so blessed here in Africa.

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