A Special Love For A Special School

A Hero Is The One Who Does What Jesus Did

We love the way that God uses great teachers who serve and give themselves to the young people of their nation. Jenny Garland is one such hero. She, as with so many others, comes alongside those with special needs and gives her time, energy and love away.

The Privilege We Have

Over the last couple of years Pais Northern Ireland has been working in one of the local ‘Special Needs’ schools and we therefore have the privilege of working alongside her.

What We Get To Do

The team often lead an assembly and spend some time afterwards to hang out with young people. They are always excited to hear about God, His love and Kingdom. The team have also been involved in serving the school in many other ways, such as involvement in their Christmas show. Our purpose in the school has been to offer assistance in any way we can, then, as we build trust, understanding and chemistry with the school we are also able to present and share our faith.

The Joy We See

We believe God has a special place in his heart for these great young people and it is always a pleasure to serve and get to know them. Their enthusiasm and energy for the teams ministry is inspiring and encouraging. It is a privilege to see how sharing the love we have first been shown by God is received with such joy. It is also brilliant to see the young people putting into action some of the principles we share and watching how they affect school life.


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