Apprentice Who Became A Chaplain


During his first semester on the Pais Project, Josh Lagesse met a local Pastor whose church had recently moved into a new building across from the local high school. They had started a new outreach called the ‘Feeding Frenzy’ which was aimed at building relationships between the school and the church, feeding the students once a month. Josh and the Pais team joined with the church in their scheme and started relationships with the students.


As the months went by and the faithfulness of the team became clear their reputation increased amongst the local students, staff and community leaders. Josh impressed everybody to such an extent that he was invited to become a part of the Chaplaincy team for the ‘Junior Varsity and Freshman Football Team’ of the school. As you can imagine this was a great honor for Josh and it opened up some incredible opportunities.


As a chaplain for the club, Josh and his fellow team member Luke share God’s word weekly before a match starts. Also, after meeting with the school’s Principal and Vice Principal the Pais Project has been given open access throughout the school. They now have permission to approach any teacher and offer their services to them. This is resulting in Pais being invited to teach in classes on a regular basis throughout the school.


Josh’s work ethic and faithfulness have shown the school what he and Pais are capable of. Their ongoing diligence and service continues to pay dividends. Closed doors are now open and a strong healthy relationship exists between Pais, the local Churches and the High School. The high standards set by Pais for its members and the training that it provides, allows us to authentically provide a positive experience of the kingdom that many can participate in.


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