Introducing Brasil’s National Director

Junior’s Calling

January 2012 was a very exciting time for Pais as it launched Pais: Brazil. We thought you may like to meet the man who will be pioneering this work; our National Director, Junior Faisbanchs. Read on to learn a little more about him and discover what his hope and vision is for the future of Pais in Brazil.

Junior is 25 and from Recife, Brazil. He was brought up in the Catholic Church as many Brazilians are. It was at the age of 12, when he was due to be confirmed that he started to question what church, God and faith were all about. Out of this questioning a journey of true faith began and even in his early teenage life Junior had a knowledge, given by God that he would one day work for Him in full time Christian ministry.

Holding on to this knowledge but with no idea how it may work out Junior carried on with life. He studied History at university in Brazil and spent some time in England improving his English. It was through a friend that he heard about the Pais Project. It was a work that excited him and in a country he loved (the UK). His pastor in Brazil was supportive of the step to join Pais and so in 2008 Junior moved to England and started a new chapter in his life with Pais.

Junior’s Training

Junior is what some may term as a ‘natural leader’. He showed this from the very start of his time on Pais and after 2 years training in schools work and developing his leadership skills he is now ready to pioneer the work in Brazil.

The past months before January were a time of establishing the foundations in Brazil so that everything was ready for the team to start in January. God has opened all the doors needed in Brazil to now begin. There is a great church in Natal who are hosting the team and Junior has been hard at work liaising with local schools, introducing the work of Pais and building relationships with the teachers. The team is complete with 2 from the States and a German and they started work in 4 schools in January.

Junior’s Training

Well, the best person to share the vision for Pais: Brazil is of course Junior himself. Here is what he has to say…

“Brazil is well known for the beautiful people, beaches and football but I believe that God wants to write a new story for this country that is about eternal joy. Drugs and crime are a big problem here and we want to be available to help the young people find what they are really looking for. There isn’t much schools work in Brazil so we have a great opportunity to ‘fill the gap’ and help contribute to the body of Christ.

I truly believe that when the local church and Pais join together, thousands of young people will be impacted all over South America, not just Brazil.”


  1. Luiz Filipe

    Bom dia!

    Sou de Pernambuco – Brasil, queria saber sobre a organização PAIS PROJECT como é suas atuações? Tem cursos? Como posso ajuda?


    Luiz Filipe

  2. Luiz Filipe

    Good morning! I’m from Pernambuco – Brazil, wanted to know about the organization as a PARENT PROJECT is their acting? It courses? How can I help?


    Luiz Filipe

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