Kevin’s Story

In the U.K.

Kevin Pimblott is the Pais Collective International Director and Senior Leader of Saints Church, St. Louis USA. Over the past 30 years, Kevin and his wife Ann have served as leaders together in all facets of local church ministry. Natives to Stoke-on-Trent, England, Kevin and Ann have always had a passion for both the UK and USA.

In 1985, Kevin developed and led a national schools ministry in the UK. Serving with integrity and commitment, Kevin and Ann quickly gained credibility amongst church and community leaders. They launched their first church plant in London, England in 1995 where they faithfully led there as Senior Pastors until 2002. During this time, Kevin organized and led several outreach events, missionary trips and hosted missionaries from all over the world.

In the U.S.A.

With a desire to reach all people with Christ’s love, Kevin and Ann have always highly valued diversity and multiculturalism. From the year’s 2003-2010, Kevin led as Executive Pastor at two larger churches in St. Louis, MO and Urbana, IL. In both these churches, Kevin served as a facilitator to restructure, strategize and revitalize ministries that affected both the local church and community. Most recently, he has used his years of experience to serve as a consultant for several churches; helping Senior Leadership teams refocus, reorganize and initiate new movements.

In 2011, Kevin was appointed as the Pais Collective International Director. In this role he will offer consultancy and resources to churches wishing to re-purpose or plant new churches with The Pais Three Distinctives in mind.

Kevin has planted and revitalized several churches, initiated a national UK schools work outreach, and consulted pastors with churches varying from 300 to 3,000 members. With this new mandate and as part of a much wider organization, he hopes to spark a global movement in the churches throughout the world.

In the World

It is with a great passion for change, growth and the Kingdom that Kevin now serves as The Pais Collective Director. More than just a church leader, Kevin is a pioneer for the gospel. Believing that the message of Jesus is to be shared with all, in not just words but loving actions as well.

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  1. Robin Newhouse

    Today is Nate and Katye’s 3rd anniversary. We are proud of you and Anne and your sacrifices for the kingdom. May God bless you and provide for all your needs and the desires of your heart. God bless you richly

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