Learning Godly Life Skills

Mixing Mission with Business

“Hi, I’m Tifany Shahid, originally from Texas. I have had connections with Pais since becoming a new believer. At the time I was a volunteer in the church youth group that was lead by two Pais leaders who also discipled me. Between 2010 and 2011 I volunteered to work with the global team of the Pais Project alongside running my own real estate business in Arlington, TX. (I was single with no children at the time!)

When people think of volunteering for a missionary organization they may not imagine that it would be real life world skills that would be not only taught within the organization but also lived out on a daily basis. However, during my time with Pais I not only experienced it for myself, I also saw it in others. I have had the privilege of seeing ordinary, unskilled 18 year olds who, once being trained through Pais have gone on to effectively run and lead a team of 40 plus people.

When is a good time to volunteer?

It has been my observation, especially perhaps in America that many people are open to volunteer and serve AFTER studying at college and getting a good job in the world. It is what I had done myself but if I had learned the ‘God skills and Kingdom Principles’ that I did whilst with Pais before going into the work field I believe I would have been leaps and bounds ahead of the crowd.

Whether your hearts desire is ministry, the arts or business I really believe that if you serve Pais for one year you may not be surprised if you come out with more than you bargained for! Learn how to advance the Kingdom, be a missionary who makes missionaries and come out ahead when you go into the business world!

I now live in Jersey. I have married and my husband pastors a Church here in the Jersey area. We are now connecting to Pais and Pais resources in new ways. Although we are not yet sure to the full extent how this will work we are very excited to see what God does.”


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