Missionaries Making Missionaries

Who Should Do Pais?

Many people assume that to join the Pais Project you need to be a confident and extrovert type of person. This is not actually the case. We have all sorts of different people with varying personalities on Pais. All we are looking for is a hunger to allow God to work through you to impact the lives of others.

But Can You Be Shy?

Louise attended church from when I was very young. she was a quiet, shy person who struggled in a church where all the other young people appeared to be loud and confident. When she was 13 she had a Pais worker come to be based in her church. The Pais apprentice in Louise’s church was a missionary maker and she was also a good friend to her. She spent time with her, discipled her and helped lead her on her journey to baptism. Louise grew in her relationship with God and she started to help with some short term missions. She says of this time, “even though I was still so painfully shy, I caught a heart for mission.”

Where Does The Confidence Come From?

Over the next few years Louise studied at college and started to become more confident in her ability to share her faith with others. Her reconnection with Pais came when she heard Paul Gibbs speaking at a Leadership Academy she was attending. She was invited to join the Pais Project and help to establish a team in Asia. Louise says, “I was able to talk to young people about Jesus. We were able to support them in their Buddhist schools as they wanted to sing Christian worship songs in their assemblies. We were able to stand in prayer with international students in their heavily anti-Christian schools and we were able to love children who didn’t know what love or a real family should feel like.”. Her willingness and teachability had fused with the training and experience that Pais offers and the result was amazing!
After having such an experience as this working ‘on the mission field’ some may think that to now be working in an office in the wet and windy UK would be something of a let down but this isn’t true. ‘The mission field’ is in the UK too and the work Louise does now is essential to reaching out to young people in schools in the UK. She also loves the work she does, she uses the gifts in administration God has given her and she is the central person in the UK to hear all the stories and testimonies that come in to the office of lives transformed.

Can It Be Passed On?

Just as Louise was mentored by a missionary and became herself a missionary. She is now mentoring the next missionary and it is a girl she has a lot in common with. Louise says, “I am currently mentoring a girl who really lacks in confidence. She reminds me of me at 16. Although I have only just started mentoring her I can see that she can be a missionary, we just need to build her confidence first.


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