From Ireland with Love

A Young Heart for Mission

Growing up in a Christian family in Northern Ireland I can remember committing my life to Jesus at a very young age sitting beside my bed as my father lead me in the believer’s prayer and since then I have tried to follow Him. There have been a number of bumps along the way in the ‘rollercoaster’ that is life but He has held me close to Him in all of these times.

In my penultimate year of school I spent a month in La Plata, Argentina working in a children’s home. During my time here I fell in love with mission, with a new culture and with a new language. As a result I decided I would take a mission year after my studies so I could go again on mission to a foreign land.

South America Is the Place For Me

Little did I know how many options for mission there were! After looking deeper into it all I concluded South America was the place to go and as Pais: Brazil advertised “free apprenticeship” I knew it was the one for me! I have to say I had also heard more about Pais through friends who have been apprentices in previous years and had a good idea of what it would involve.

So the process began; the application form, the interview, the visa, the packing, the flight and now I am here!

The ‘Buzz’ that is Brazil

Upon arriving in Brazil I was a little overwhelmed by the initial ‘buzz’. Everything in Natal moves very fast and it is such a change for a country boy such as I am! The team however soon calmed my worries and the church here is fantastic and so welcoming. The first weeks of training have been the most challenging and exciting of my life so far.

Everything we have learnt has been so practical and will be easily applied to our everyday lives as apprentices. I have particularly loved the ‘Kingdom Principles’ series of video teaching which have brought me to a deeper understanding of what it means to be a true follower of Jesus. I long to ‘fight for the heart of the king’ in all I am going to be doing this year, whether it is in the schools, in the church or in the favellas. My prayer is that I will be able to pass on these kingdom principles to the students so that they too can know what it is to follow Jesus.


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