To Teach Is To Learn Twice

It Started With An African Student

Faith Akadi is twelve years old. She is a student in South Tesano, Ghana, in a school where Pais are working. In her particular school, Pais enjoy the opportunity to teach dance and drama to the students whilst also sharing their love for God. Faith is in the drama group and during our meetings and our I-group, a youth ministry we lead on Saturday afternoons we have had the opportunity to spend more time with her and her friends.

And Spread To Her African Home

At our I-Group we began to teach the students how to study using Pais’ unique “Haverim Devotions” or what we often call Pais HD. We encouraged those who learnt to then go home and lead them with their families.
Faith really liked the Haverim Devotion and was inspired by it, so she started doing just that with her parents and siblings. According to Faith, her family now have Haverim Devotions in her house every morning. Through this devotion she feels she has seen her home life grow in care and love.

But She Wants Something More

Haverim means ‘friends who study together’ and this is exactly what her family has become. For Faith, this new kind of devotion is expressing the care and the love they have for each other in their family and being able to express herself through the word of God. It has also brought her good insight about the bible. We are really thankful for the things that God is doing in her life through Pais and she is also looking forward to hear more stories of how others might be inspired by her story to go and teach Pais HD to their families.


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