How mentoring took on a whole new meaning to me.

My Story

My hope when joining Pais was to not only grow my own faith and experience but reach out and change the lives of young people for the better. I’ve always loved helping out with the youth at my local church, but something was missing. I needed a better way to connect with students on a deeper level and a way to have a positive influence in their lives. A friend suggested the Pais Movement and I immediately knew it was for me. I would be able to get the training that I craved while making an impact on the lives of young people around me, and in turn, the community that I was raised in.

Our Story

The Pais Movement has been mentoring young disciples for over 20 years. With many hours of training and qualifications, you are well prepared for almost anything. Pais does an amazing job of training and letting individuals focus on what they are passionate about. The ‘Talmidim Flow’ mentoring template allows individuals to take their disciple on an experience so the mentor walks through the lesson with them. With this method, it’s possible to teach anything to anyone.

Your Story

This could be your story too. If you like working with young people, if your desire is to pour into individuals and make a difference in their lives, then Pais is for you! The many resources on Pais will help you do this, but mentoring will be an important part of your journey. The great thing about Pais is that you have the freedom to go abroad or stay home. Remember, you don’t have to go to another country to be a missionary. Missionaries who wish to follow God and train up young people to do likewise are also needed right where they are.

Brie Reiner
Global Training Apprentice
Pais Global


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