Mirjam’s Story

From Germany to England

I am originally from Germany but my journey with Pais began when I joined Pais: GB in 2010. I loved getting to know so many new people: the students in schools, the children and teenagers at church, the church family, the hosts and all the other great Pais Apprentices.

I love that on Pais I have been taught some great things and I have been discipled. What I love more is that I have then had the opportunity to put into practice all that I have learnt and I have had the privilege to disciple and mentor others.

I believe that young people need good teaching alongside challenges and I really appreciate the way Pais disciples them to make a difference in their communities, families and schools.

Then England to Brasil

I really enjoyed my time with Pais: GB and I have now moved to help pioneer Pais in Brasil. Every nation is different and how Pais practically works must be adapted but I love to see how the heartbeat of Pais remains the same.

It’s been amazing how I have been able to connect with the people here. I can speak German and English but so far have never learnt Portuguese so the language barrier for me has been difficult. The openness and friendliness of the people though have made it much easier for me.

Loving the cultural differences

Having worked in Germany and Britain I have experienced often that it is ‘scientific questions’ which hold people back from believing in God. Here in Brasil though it is very different. People have no problem to believe in the supernatural which makes it so much easier for me to talk about my faith in Jesus.

My favourite day so far since I arrived in Brasil was the day we went out onto the streets with all the young people from the church. Not only did we spend time talking with people but we had the opportunity very often to pray for them. I love relationships and so do the Brasilians. I think I am going to learn such a lot during my time here!

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  1. Tamara

    Hello Mirjam!
    I am a student from Germany. Next year I am going to finish my school.
    Your report made me curious. The project sounds really interesting. I have some question and I would like to ask you. Maybe we can get in contact.

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