Nanayaa’s Story

My Granddaughter Loves And Follows God

“I was so surprised when I first heard that my Granddaughter, Annette was going to involve herself into missionary work and join the Pais Project. I was at the same time very happy and encouraged to realize it means she knows God to the extent that she can follow his direction and make a difference.
If I look at the world as it is today with all the challenges it holds, especially for the young people I am grateful to God that my granddaughter hasn’t involved herself in the negative worldly things but has instead given her life to the hands of God and his direction.

The First In Our Family To Be A Missionary

Annette is the first person in our family to have ever made such a decision as this; to make a difference to communities, to spread the love of God and to teach his word. She has made history in our family and it is a wonderful thing and I hope it will continue down the generations.
Initially I did not want Annette to be involved in such work as the Pais Project and told her it wouldn’t take her anywhere in life. I realize now how ignorant I was. I had heard some stories about what being a missionary is and I had a prejudice against any such organisation, but I was wrong to do so.

So Continue To Spread God’s Love

I can see such a vast difference in her since she started. I have seen great spiritual growth and confidence and I put it down to the power of God and the organisation she is a part of, namely Pais.
Continue my granddaughter! Spread the word and love of God across the nations because if we, the elderly couldn’t catch this vision then God in His own way has turned to you to be one whom He has chosen. Who am I to say no? God bless you!”

Nanayaa Adiidi II
Queen Mother of Apriede – Adukrom


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