Pais Endorsed By Local Council

Years of Faithful Service

Pais:GB have had a team serving schools in Rotherham, Yorkshire, for over six years. The team regularly lead assemblies and lessons in both primary schools and secondary schools. They also lead a number of Christian Unions in some of the secondary schools and are in the process of setting up others.

Over this period there have been some hard times as well as good but they have remained faithful to the vision of Pais and to the schools that they have the privilege to serve.

Collective Worship in English Schools

As Christians it is encouraging to know that The Department for Education states that all maintained schools in England must provide a daily act of collective worship which must reflect the traditions of this country, which it says are, in the main, broadly Christian.

A number of schools and teachers oppose this law and there have been many newspaper reports over the years revealing that up to two thirds of schools do not or feel that they can not fulfil this legal requirement.

Each council across the nation has a board called SACRE (Standard Advisory Council for Religious Education) and it is their responsibility to help ensure that these acts of collective worship are being carried out.

Pais are thoroughly recommended

Recently at a meeting in Rotherham, the SACRE board put together a list of all the organisations and individuals there are who are serving the local schools and are helping them to meet the requirements of the law.

It has come to light that out of this list composed the Pais: Rotherham have come at the top and are the schools work team that are to be most recommended to local high schools.

Chris Gibson, team leader for the Pais: Rotherham team says, “This is an amazing opportunity and we are looking forward to helping our local schools fulfil the requirements of the law!”


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