Pais Has Been A Firm Foundation

It Starts With A Prayer

Praying the prayer ‘God please change my life, I’ll do anything and I’ll go anywhere’ can sometimes be a dangerous prayer as God takes us at our word! For Dan Holland this is exactly what he did pray a number of years ago and he has never looked back.

Dan is currently employed full time by his church in Portrack (Stockton-On-Tees) as a Youth Support Worker but his journey into youth work began in 2004 when he joined the Pais Project and had two years with them being inspired, equipped and trained… and passing this on.

And Continues With Equipping

Dan says “I spent two years with Pais going into schools and building relationships with young people. I met people who knew that what they had in life wasn’t enough and who knew they needed a change and I was able to share my faith and tell of the greatest change there can be in having a living relationship with God.

I saw young people become a part of our church youth group and I saw young people come to know Jesus for themselves (there are few greater experiences in life than to see a persons life transformed in front of you). I saw young people become involved in youth work and missions to change their communities with God’s love. I saw the young people I worked with themselves bring friends back to church and to God.

One particular Christian girl I remember made a huge impact when she invited her friend to the youth group. This friend, Lauren agreed and after a local youth summer camp she made a decision to become a Christian and follow Jesus. A few years later Lauren herself became a Christian youth worker, sharing her faith and teaching other young people about God’s love. It has been such a privilege to see what God can do through the young people themselves.

To Empower Many Others

I continue to see these things because the story and heart of Pais; to equip young people to make a difference in their communities and schools is also the story and heart of God.

Very soon I am taking a group of six 16-19 year olds on a missions trip to Thailand. We will be working on some different projects in two separate areas of the country. In Bangkok we will be working with an established charity there to support the local prostitutes find alternative work. In Pattaya we will be working in a orphanage and also in a local school for the deaf.

There will be a lot for us to do there but I know that the young people who come will be changed by God forever as they learn to rely on Him and His strength.

I have a lot of happy and inspiring memories from my time on Pais and am so grateful for the grounding it gave me in my relationship with God and my skills as a youth / schools worker.”


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