The Valley Girl Reaching Dizzy Heights


Rachel Sherrill joined Pais USA in August 2008 having been recruited from a Bible College in California. Nicknamed ‘The Valley Girl’ we knew right from the start she was going to be full of energy, fun and passion for the vision of Pais. Our hope was that we could take her natural enthusiasm and teach her the skills you can only learn ‘in the field’ and so reproduce her passion for God in others.


Her first year was on a team learning the Pais distinctives, where she demonstrated an ability to pick things up quickly. As she progressed, it became evident that Rachel possessed Team Leader qualities and so in August 2009 we offered her a pioneering situation in Colorado. She was now responsible to train several new apprentices and help them serve the local churches and schools in the Rocky Mountains. Rachel didn’t make any secret of the fact that she preferred not to have to be in a colder climate, but she was willing to step into a very unique and exciting situation for Pais USA!


Rachel began to understand how important it was to take care of her team, developing a real appreciation for the benefits of mentoring and empowerment. August 2010 saw Rachel step into her second Team Leaders role in Florida (a little warmer!). She took the momentum of her growing skills in leadership and built upon them. Rachel empowered her team to spread the word, spot the people of peace, stay with them and then send them out to continue the cycle. The church and Pais began to notice the almost ‘Pied Piper’ effect she had on students and her ability to first attract them and then send them out.


Rachel came with natural charisma that she has combined with the unique teaching and practical experience of being on Pais. Her reward has been to see hundreds of students integrated into the churches she has served. As her mentors and leaders, Rob and Keren Johnson [Pais:USA Directors] say that Rachel’s most significant growth has been her ability to understand the importance of growing her team so that the mission can multiply through those she is leading. Rachel has no doubt been a great example of what a Pais apprentice can accomplish when they truly want to fight for the heart of the King.
by Rob and Keren Johnson [PaisUSA National Directors]


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