Learning To Be A Leader

Train A Child

As a junior student Ryan attended the lunch club we run every week in his local high school. The scripture union at his school is divided into two groups, Juniors and Seniors. The Seniors are given the responsibility of running their own clubs program whilst we take the responsibility for the Juniors. Primarily we focus on inspiring and empowering the Juniors for Kingdom living, not simply for the future, but here and now in the present.

In the Way He Should Go

During his initial time with us, Ryan would have received all manner of teaching from Pais and was inspired to make missionaries himself. Moving up into the senior club Ryan really grasped a sense of empowerment and is currently becoming fully involved in the Junior’s club, taking more of a lead and greater responsibility, eager to inspire and influence the younger years of his school as he was by the Pais Team.

And When He Is Old, He’ll Not Depart From It

Ryan has a number of years left at school and the team on the north coast will continue to support him as he discovers his God given potential, in and beyond his school. We passionately believe young men like Ryan have the potential and capacity to transform and inspire their communities, their town or cities and their nation.

Ryan is a living example of our motto “missionaries making missionaries“.


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