Sandra and Henrique’s Story

What motivated you two to decide to host someone from Pais?

H: “Well, we were asked by someone. We received a request and we accepted the proposal and it was cool, it was awesome.”

S: “Yeah, and on that particular occasion, we thought about having someone who would feel at home in our house, who would feel like family and not feel like a stranger or foreigner, you know?”

How many people have you hosted and how have your experiences been up until now?

H: “From Pais, we have received 3 people and the experience has been super cool.”

S: “It is very interesting. It’s a new experience and we’ve learned many things and there is also that notion of offering something to the person that you are hosting.”

What would you two say to a family who is thinking about hosting someone on Pais?

H: “I would say that is is worth it for everyone to be open to host…that it is a different experience and a cool thing. They’re going to like it!

S: “And it is really good to be with the people you are hosting. We have had marvelous experiences with each of the apprentices we have hosted; they are now our kids! Having them with us has edified us very much. So, I believe that if you really open your home you will be edified.


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