The Cloud and the Line


Finally the much awaited book on Paul Gibbs’ Kingdom Principles Series is here!

This is the teaching that shapes the heart of the Vision of Pais. It challenges thinking and aims to produce a different kind of Christian. The Cloud and the Line: Alternative thoughts on Religion is the second in a set of 3 books entitled ‘The Kingdom Trilogy’.

Does God have favorites? If not, then what is it that affects the way He deals with us? Is there more to Christianity than the dos and don’ts of religion? How can we live above the line and why should we want to? These intriguing questions set the stage for the provocative new book by Paul Clayton Gibbs. In his poetic style of writing, the author addresses these questions by unpacking six Kingdom Principles – each one challenging, unique, and transformational. As he does so, the author uses the parables, culture, and life of Jesus to help us uncover some surprising facts.


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It is an easy read with simple style of writing but with deep questions and thoughts. Many times I had to just pause to process the thought or allow my mind to process the question and to unpack it. This book and when I first heard the teaching in it helped to transform my mindset and personal paradigms on what it is to serve the God and be part of building his Kingdom.

The vulnerability of Gibbs is inspiring. A great book that anybody choosing to live for God should read.

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The Cloud and the Line is a very engaging and insightful book. The questions that are investigated help to uncover the heart of God and the desire He has for us. This book challenged me to dig deeper into the Father’s heart as it distinguishing between religion and faith.

Ultimately I would recommend this book to anyone who desires to see day-to-day questions we ask through God’s eyes rather than our own, strives to be an instrument in the furthering of the Kingdom of God, and yearns to be captivated by a renewed love for the Father. Overall, it was an amazing book and I would encourage you to take the time to read it!

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This book is packed full of great principles for the Christian life. If you’re looking for a challenging read that will ask you fascinating questions, cause you to look at things from a different perspective, keep you wanting more through great stories, illustrations and analogies “The Cloud and the Line” is definitely for you.

Gibbs brings a refreshing perspective on understanding the Heart of the King, six principles are presented in a memorable and powerful way, the knight analogy runs through the book giving the reader some strong imagery to relate their thoughts to. Line thinkers or cloud dwellers, we are asked to consider; is there more to our relationship with God than a list of do’s or don’ts, can we truly discover the heart of Father God, by the end of the book I feel as readers we can answer with a resounding YES! If you’re looking for a deeper, relevant and transforming relationship with God this book with its principles will help answer that call.

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In this second book of the Kingdom Trilogy, Gibbs promotes not what to think, but how to think. He presents stimulating and alternative thoughts on religion and challenges us to fight for the heart of our King . . . which poses another question: What exactly is in the heart of the King? What you will find there, Gibbs argues, may differ from what you have been led to believe. Rather than simply touching surface issues, this book will fundamentally re-shape your approach to your faith, your choices, and your God by challenging the basic premise of why you follow Jesus.

In his teaching, Gibbs has often argued that new results only come from a new way of doing things. Here he argues that a new way of doing Christianity is only derived from a new way of thinking. Read this book and receive a different perspective on religion!

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