The Line And The Dot


Why is it that so many have dreams yet so few see them realized? Could it be they don’t understand the process? Through his story of how the Pais Project went from a humble idea to a worldwide movement, author, speaker and pioneer, Paul Gibbs equips readers to navigate the four stages of pioneering to see their own vision fulfilled.

As the first book of the Kingdom Trilogy, The Line and the Dot is a rally cry to the pioneer within you. In it the author discusses the four stages of ‘Revolution’, ‘Revelation’, ‘Resistance’ and ‘Reproduction’. He asks and answers questions such as ‘Where does vision come from?’, ‘Why do people not understand my vision?’ and ‘How do I know I’ve heard God?’. 
This unique book will be essential for anyone looking for purpose in their life.


Amazon Review
This book inspired me, moved me, and challenged me on things I had not even thought about before!
Through this book, I have gained so much insight into how to live the abundant life that God desires for all of us to have! To leave this world a better place than when I entered it. I love seeing the world in a new way!

Amazon Review
This book personally challenges me to always take a fresh look at scripture, to question my own traditions, dig for the obvious and not so obvious, which, in the end, always leads me to a deeper understanding of who God is and how I can best fit into his plan.

Amazon Review
In the process of beginning anything new, fresh, or different, I think everyone goes through stages of the process.

The problem is, no one knows what the stages are, until now. Paul does an excellent job of breaking down the stages of pioneering, using simple terms and analogies that are practical in nature and Biblical in scope

Why Buy It?

If you already have a vision for your life this book will help show you how to bring it to fruition.

As you read you will be able to identify which stage, as Paul describes them, you are currently at and be encouraged to move on.

If however you find you are struggling, trying to find some vision from God then this book will inspire you and motivate you to seek God’s heart but perhaps more importantly, it will suggest an alternative way of receiving vision for God as well.


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