The Off Duty Apprentice

In Every Season

It may surprise you to know that being a Pais apprentice is not a clocking on / clocking off job! It is true that on Pais there may be a lot of formal ministry with conducting lessons, assemblies or leading devotions. God, however, has truly called us all to be servants wherever we are, whenever it may be and to whom God may want us to minister to. Oh, and it also is irrespective of how we may be feeling!

At Every Opportunity

Rapha, a German Pais worker in Ghana can certainly testify to this as he shares the story of how God used him ‘outside of hours.’ On his way home from church he, as usual had to walk through the local bus station; a very busy place with many people. After a long week he was tired and just wanted to make his way home where he could have some time to rest. As he walked through the African station he noticed an old white man sat by the side and he remembers wondering why on earth this man would be in Ghana.

No Matter How Surprising

He started to continue on his journey when a lady stopped him and asked if he could possibly help the man he had just seen to make his way home. Rapha paused and then made a decision to do so. It meant he would not reach home as soon as planned and his rest which he was looking forward to would have to wait a little longer but to help this man would be the right thing to do and he knew it would be what Jesus would do.
What Rapha discovered next was a surprise to both him and the man. This old man wasn’t just any old white man but he was in fact a German old white man! Two Germans meeting at random in a bus station in a place as large as Ghana? Believe it was a coincidence if you wish!

With Every Gift

After spending some time talking Rapha discovered that the man could not see very well and was under the care of the hospital as a result. So, he offered to pray for the man. The man accepted his gift of prayer and Rapha prayed. After praying for healing, the man’s vision was instantly restored and he was able to see clearly!
They journeyed then home together as it turned out they live in the same area. Amazed, stunned and overwhelmingly grateful the white old man from the bus station experienced the love of God the Father through the healing in the name of his son Jesus… and Rapha, well he didn’t feel so tired anymore!


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