When Pais came to my Business

The Visit

Pais offers all manner of training for businesses and organizations on a variety of topics. We provide our expertise in a range of interactive sessions from general leadership and team workshops to more complex issues facing entrepreneurs and cause-based businesses.

The initial consultancy in Dallas’ Moroch advertising agency was provided by Pais Founder, Paul Gibbs. He was asked to lead a session on ‘Motivating Millennials’ in which he used various mentoring and discipleship strategies that fit well into a secular environment.

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The Response

One of the biggest challenges that businesses are facing, is how to motivate and inspire their Millennial or ‘Generation Y’ employees. My company, a large advertising agency, benefited greatly from Paul Gibbs’ extensive experience with Pais, an organization almost completely run by that generation.

The training given was both relevant and included the unique twist of Paul’s story and the wider work of Pais throughout the world. Questions were asked and Paul unpacked a kingdom-based principle that gave a new twist to an old problem.

Every insight shared touched a nerve with our team, and we continue to utilize his expertise. Paul’s follow up session was an interesting and upbeat workshop on ‘collaboration’ and emphasized the movement of ‘one to many’ to ‘many to many’ in the area of idea sharing.

We look forward to future insights in a continuing relationship with Pais Venture.


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